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5 Things to Consider about Your Eye Makeup

October 23, 2017

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3 Pro Tips for Dry Eyes

August 4, 2018

With an estimated 300 million dry eye sufferers, it makes sense that dry eyes even affects our most favorite A-listers. Recently, Jennifer Anniston has been sharing the spotlight with dry eyes. In her recent interview with POPSUGAR, (click here for the article), Jennifer shares with us her top 3 tips for dealing with chronic dry eyes. Let's discuss each of her 3 tips in more detail:


1. Cut down on screen time. With today's technology we are spending more time than ever before in front of a screen. While the technology is great there are some side effects for our eyes. When we stare at a screen for prolonged periods of time, we forget to blink. When we forget to blink our eyes become dry and our vision becomes blurry. By the end of a long day, this leaves us with our eyes feeling tired and heavy. It is best to take breaks throughout the day to look away from a screen in order to let the eyes moisturize. We are now diagnosing dry eyes at younger ages than ever before due to an increase in screen time. 

2. Use eye drops (and sparkly makeup) sparingly. We should use lubricating eye drops when our eyes feel dry. However if the eyedrops contain preservatives they should only be used 4 times per day. If we overuse the drops, the preservatives can worsen dry eyes. In the article, Jennifer Anniston notes that "sparkly eyeshadows and certain mascaras" caused her eyes to be irritated. If you've been reading along, we know that eye makeup can blog the oil glands that sit behind the eyelashes (meibomian glands). When these oil glands are blocked two things happen: 1. The oily layer of the tear film is improperly secreted. When the tears do not have enough oil to coat them, they evaporate faster, leading the dry eyes. 2. When the oil glands are blocked, this leads to the secretion of inflammatory chemicals on the surface of the eye, which causes eye irritations and sensitive eyes. 


3. Vitamins are your friend. I could not agree more. Omega-3 fatty acids are definitely helpful for dry eyes. They help dry eyes by doing two things: 1. They improve the function of the meibomian glands.  When the meibomian glands are secreting healthier oils, the tears remain better coated and protected on the ocular surface. 2. They reduce inflammation. Inflammation contributes to eyes being sensitive and dry. By reducing inflammation the ocular surface is healthier and more able to tolerate eye makeup


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