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L.A.S.H. Complex

What is L.A.S.H. Complex? 
L.A.S.H. Complex is a naturally derived blend of extracts clinically proven to soothe the eye area. 
It is an ophthalmologist developed and tested complex that is designed to target the unique anatomy and function of the eyelid skin in order to optimize eyelid skin health. 
How does L.A.S.H. Complex soothe irritated eyes? 
L.A.S.H. Complex soothes irritated eyes by reducing inflammation on the ocular surface and by maintaining healthy skin flora skin. 
Why use L.A.S.H. Complex?  
By incorporating L.A.S.H. Complex into eye area treatment and makeup products, eye irritations can be avoided and there is no need to stop wearing eye makeup! 
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