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Shetal Shah, M.D.

Shetal (aka Nicky) Shah, M.D. is a practicing ophthalmologist in Long Island, NY specializing in the medical and surgical treatment of corneal diseases, cataract surgery and ocular surface diseases such as dry eyes and blepharitis.  

Dr. Shah grew up in Long Island, New York, completing her undergraduate education at New York University where she obtained a B.A. in Biochemistry. She then attended medical school at SUNY Downstate. During medical school, Dr. Shah began to observe various ophthalmic surgeries and she quickly became fascinated with the intricacy of ophthalmic surgery. She then decided to become an ophthalmologist. It was during her ophthalmology training she truly began to appreciate the ability of ophthalmic surgery to alter her patients' lives by enhancing their vision.

In her clinical practice, Dr. Shah realized that one of the most challenging and  prevalent ocular surface conditions are dry eyes and blepharitis. These conditions are often the cause for frustration amongst her patients. Many women who seek her care although aggravated by blepharitis symptoms refuse to adhere to the basic medical advise of abstaining from eye makeup. This inspired Dr. Shah to develop safer eye cosmetics that would benefit millions of people suffering from dry eyes and blepharitis. 


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